Ihe good stories are not always positive from the start. Just like the Spanish team started losing in the 2010 World Cup or Argentina in the 2022 World Cup, problems can be solved. and be reborn from its ashes in any situation.

This is what the Spanish teams will have to do with the exception of KOI. Just like Monday Giants started losing to Fnatic 2-0, yesterday Heretics did to FUTwith another painful streak that leaves the Madrid scoreboard blank for the time being.

Disconnections are expensive

As in all sports, when you arrive on the main stage, at the highest level in the world, the differences are minimal. The players are all very good, and for this reason, the slightest mistake can be fatal. It happened at Heretics on Pearl, a map they never entered.

FUT’s defense was incredible and the Heretics seemed disconnected with no chance to fight back. Avova was statistically the one who fought the best, but could not avoid a 10-2 at the change of sides, which then became a 13-4 in favor of the Turkish team.

Lotus was the second card, this time FUT’s pick, and it looks like the Heretics have woken up a bit. They took advantage of the bonus round and while attacking they managed to get a good advantage on the first sideagain with Avova coming out on top, this time in Omen.

However, the defense of heretics left much to be desired. FaliN, the Turkish Omen, also wanted to get noticed, and with an 8-0 run they reversed the score, making it 12-8. The Heretics didn’t react, they only had one more round, and that’s how it ended, with 13-9 the 2-0 in favor of FUT.

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