IThe best VALORANT competition is in EMEA. No longer because of the average level, which we can discuss if it is worse or better than that of VCT Americas, but because of the first classified, Fnatic, who won the Lock In and are on course to be crowned the first European tournament champion without losing a match.

In a league where these teams which had one foot in the grave, (BBL, KCorp…) are relaunching, unfortunately for the Spanish teams Team Heretics and KOIwho replaced them in the last places, Fnatic continues with a firm step, and today they will have to obtain their sixth victory, two thirds of the championship without falling.

Vitality, the team that wants to spoil the party

With a 3-3 on the board, they’re on the brink, and today they have a steamroller ready to take them down. Team Vitality, the team that stood out the most among French clubs, could come out of playoff positions if he loses today against Fnatic.

Has its BBL fighter, who comes in with two straight wins, and KCorp, who despite not having a steady pace, could scare them off. It is clear that today, the group in which Bonecold stands out will have to give everything. We’ll see if they’re able to make a splash and bring Fnatic down from the cloud.

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