Hoy begins the fourth week of VCT EMEA. VALORANT’s maximum European competition returns for another week, and it does so with some very high-level matches. The eventual end results are already starting to show, and there are clubs that have a lot to improve on if they want to finish top of the table.

First, at around 8 p.m. today, we’ll see if Team Heretics can hold their own. Madrid started to fall with FUT, but they recovered by beating Karmine Corp well. Subsequently, he had two difficult duels, against what are a priori the best teams, Fnatic and NaVi. Even so, he will have the opportunity today to turn things around and go 2-4, if he beats Team Liquid.

Heretics, last chance to recover

A 1-5 will be very tough in the fight to be in the middle or top of the table. This is what Team Heretics must fight today. Mixwell’s team doesn’t have the best of luck and fails to reach the key that will earn them victory.

Keloqz is heavily criticized. The truth is that the player is not having the best of his seasons, and the other day the last map against NaVi was very painful for his scorer. We’ll see if Cista Wassim manages to change course and silence those who don’t trust him.

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