Ia Rising is crazier than ever. Teams that, by name and by what has been demonstrated in the spring, should be on top, fall and the top of the standings is occupied by other teams that were not favorites at the start of the competition.

Yesterday UCAM won again, but the highlight of the afternoon was not the university students, but ZETA. The Kase-O team are now second, having lost just one of the five games they have played. Yesterday they clearly beat Team Queso and showed their candidacy for the first table.

Summary day 5 of the Rising

The afternoon began with the resurrection of the rebels. An exceptional Phardon and Rex completely disabled an AYM who was dreaming of his first victory. In the end, the result of the match was 13-6 which plunged Laporte’s men into an even deeper pit.that although they don’t hurt it, they don’t press the key.

Later, around 6:00 p.m., Ramboot lowered Movistar Riders to earth. The riders had a spectacular race, but now they are suffering that defeat again. After the 6-6 change of sides, Ramboot reacted to the attack and managed to get 12-8. However, the runners, with a stratospheric Dimax, turned around and reached overtime, where they ultimately lost 17-15.

The third game of the day was a surprise. Team Queso came in on a good run, being one of the teams that went 3-1 and were looking for fourth. But ZETA did the same, and he knew how to impose himself. Maniek shone again, this time with the Raze, and when he switched sides the difference was unbelievable. The maa defense put up a 10-2. The Queso team tried to recover it after the change, but those of Zaragoza quickly closed to make the final 13-4.

The penultimate battle of the day pitted undefeated UCAM against their most feared spring rivals, the Falcons. This time the Aer0z kept their cool and dominated. When they changed sides they were already in front, 7-5, and after him, with a good defense, they ended up closing 13-8, with Famsii as MVP.

And to end the afternoon, the moment of magic has arrived. KPI wanted to get out of the low zone, and they had to do it against a CASE that wasn’t going to let them win. In fact, Casemiro’s men started dominating the attack, and when they switched sides the result was 9-3.. However, the curse came true and KPI managed to start coming back into their own offense, so much so that, although CASE got rounds, they were 11-12. However, when B1sk and company had a three-on-one to force overtime, M1niboo retired all of their goal and closed 11-13.

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