IThe sunrise is very very hot. The big teams, who have kept their rosters for this season, click, and they cannot reach a UCAM who still wants to be champion, at least, of the regular phase. Incredible season for University students so far, which with today’s win went up 7-0 and first.

They are followed closely by ZETA, a modest team a priori, and who set up the split last spring.was. Despite everything, this summer they are not giving up and they are already second alone with a 6-1 that leaves them as the main candidates to fight for the lead against Murcia. Let’s see what happened on that seventh day.

Chronicle of the Seventh Day of the Insurrection

The afternoon started with a brawl between two directly rival teams in the spring. Now, however, nothing could be further from the truth. Ramboot clearly outperformed AYM with a score of 13-5. A good defense, precisely in which a former AYM player, Daniel0, shone, led 9-3 to switch sides. After that, AYM was unable to recover the distance with his own defense, and fell hard.

Behind them, The Queso team played against the rebels. De Gea’s men are having their worst season since taking part in the Rising, and they can’t chain the victories. On this seventh occasion, they nearly upset against the regular season champions in the spring, but the cheeses avoided it. A big Unfake, with first four kills on offense with Sova, left the first game 9-3, and although Rebels looked for the comeback and went 10-9Finally those of Thinkii were able to close.

ZETA, as we have already said, is one of the revelations of the season. On day seven, they beat CASE Esports, in a match they were on the verge of losing after a big comeback. Casemiro’s men clearly lost their defensive side 10-2, but in attack they were close to forcing extra time as they made it 12-11 but the final round fell into their hands. 13-11 for them, who continue to chase UCAM.

The penultimate meeting of the afternoon was difficult KPI Gaming vs. Falcons. Two lower-draw teams that needed to win to have options to fight for anything else. Finally, the goddess of victory smiled at the KPI team. The attacking side of B1sk and company started well, with a Shhhack spiraling out of control.. His result on the substitution was 8-4, which however left the Falcons an option to recover. However, KPI, in their defense, left them no choice. With five rounds in a row, they closed 13-4 and capped their victory.

And finally, at the end of the afternoon, came a complicated fight for UCAM. The Movistar Riders racers wanted to claim their fourth victory, and it would have been incredible to open the loss table for the university students. However, they were unable to do so. Flickless was the biggest this time around. The match started with UCAM beating the Riders defense on offense but tied. At the change of sides, it was 7-5. However, a great Murcian defense left the result of the match at 13-7.

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