Valorant announces the release date of the open beta of Firsthe new competitive system which they have already tested locally in Brazil last year where players must form teams of 5 to 7 people, who will compete in pairs according to their level, thus allowing amateur teams to have an experience very similar to professional tournaments . This beta will finally be released the next April 25, coinciding with the new Title Act. The only requirements are text verification and completing a qualifying match in one act, in addition to being part of a team, of course.

To register, the captain must register their team and select a zone to assign a server to and match schedule. Over the weeks, each team will be able to play two games, earning points for the Premier score. Teams that get enough points will qualify for the knockout tournament. On the last day of the Open Beta, tournament matches will be played with card pick and lock systems, just like in pro matches.

Qualified teams will start in the main draw; winners will receive an exclusive player card and title, in addition to being the winner of the tournament. While the losers will fight for third place. Although it should be noted that any player who completes a game will receive a player card and a title. Finally, Premier will follow in June until its full release scheduled for August after VCT Champions 2023.

Riot Games assures that this new competitive form by teams aims to facilitate access to Valorant players who dream of being professionals, allowing access to VCT Challenger Leagues and much more in the future.

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