Valheim’s next update, Hildir’s Quest, is way ahead of the next big biome update for the Norse-themed survival game, and one of the top developers presents a perfect tool to up your game. viking fashion. Also set to introduce improved difficulty settings and Valheim chest sorting tools, the quality of life patch has a useful addition that lets you try out new skins on the go.

Senior Valheim developer Jonathan Smårs shares a preview of Valheim’s new hair station on Twitter, writing, “Perfect for trying out all those hoof hairs that come with the Valheim Hildir’s Quest update.” In case you haven’t seen the news, one of the other additions to Hildir’s Quest are helmets that will always show your hair, instead of hiding it all.

It’s certainly a welcome addition that fits a little more delightfully into the lore than just going to the ‘character change’ menu. And if you haven’t had a chance to try out the new hair and beard options added in the Valheim Mistlands update yet, what better time than now?

Smårs says the team has yet to determine what the final recipe will be for doing this. An observant fan also wonders why the station appears to include what looks like a modern-style office chair, which Smårs cleverly pointed to. respond“It’s not modern…Hildir was way ahead of his time!”

If you haven’t made it to the Misty Lands yet, our Valheim progression guide will help you clear bosses and clear biomes in no time. We’ve also got some of the best Valheim building tips to help you create the perfect base, as well as our pick of the best Valheim mods to further improve your time in one of the best co-op games on PC.

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