Valheim: This is how you play with the PlayStation Controller

Valheim: This is how you play with the PlayStation Controller

Valheim: This is how you play with the PlayStation controller – Tips on Key Assignment

Using the PlayStation controller for the Valheim survival adventure? If you don’t feel like using the keyboard and mouse controls in the current Steam hit, simply plug in your gamepad via USB or a Bluetooth adapter. Valheim is currently in the Early Access phase and currently only shows the Windows key assignment of the Xbox controller. In the Steam client, you can navigate via in the menu bar at the top left Steam in the Settings. Here you go over the point Controller in the general controller settings. At this point, check the corresponding controller that you are using – in our case the PlayStation controller.

After you have started Valheim, is in the Settings under control the option Activate gamepad already preset. You do not have to assign keys at this point. Just start a new game using the mouse and keyboard. As soon as you are in the game, you use the controller. In the following table we provide you with an overview of the basic key assignment for the controller. In the menus you do not navigate with the digicross but use the left analog stick. Using R1 and L1 (RB or LB on the Xbox controller) you can navigate to the individual windows in the inventory menu.

Valheim – Basic controller key assignments

These key assignments for Xbox or PlayStation controllers are preset in Valheim.

Xbox PlayStation action
A cross Action or collection
B circle Leap
X square Sit down
Y triangle Call up the inventory menu
RB R1 Enter at Unarmed / Change windows in inventory
LB L1 Hold down for sprint
RT R2 Attack with a weapon / fist at unarmed
LT L2 Blocks
Linker Analogstick Run / Push: Crouch
Right analog stick Move camera / press: put down all objects
Start Option Start menu
Back Share Map of the game world
Digikreuz Left or right: Navigation through the items / Above: Activate / deselect item

Valheim – Basic operation and menu control

The general rule is: With B / circle you return to menus, with A / cross you confirm actions or select menu items. For example, you drag food or tools on the action buttons 1 to 8 in the inventory. Using the digicross left and right, you switch through the quick selection at the top left, with the digicross button up you insert the item. You follow the raven in Valheim and first collect stones and wood to build an ax. You can access the crafting menu via the Y button (triangle on the PlayStation controller) in the inventory. Navigate here with the shoulder buttons RB and LB (R1 or L1) via the character menu (by the way, here you select four sub-items with the analog stick) to the crafting menu. With the left analog stick you decide on a tool to be manufactured. With X (square) you carry out the action. Danger: Valheim is in the Early Access phase. Bugs or glitches as well as spontaneous changes are to be expected.

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