Valheim: Player travels to the end of the World and experiences Surprise

Valheim: Player travels to the end of the World and experiences Surprise

For a few days now, the multiplayer survival game Valheim, which was recently released in Early Access, has been causing quite a stir on Steam. So far, it has not only received predominantly positive reviews, but also triumphs in the sales charts and is even enjoying growing popularity on the Twitch streaming platform. But there is also a lot going on within the game. This is how the players uncover more and more secrets. One of them even made it his business to sail to the end of the world.

The YouTuber “Steinfus” really wanted to know what to expect at the edge of the Valheim game world. Without further ado, he grabbed a sailboat and sailed it across the sea towards the edge of the map. After a long and arduous journey, he did not come across a huge rock wall or an invisible barrier that normally prevents players from leaving the in-game world. Instead, the developers of Iron Gate came up with something that fits the Viking theme of Valheim. Accordingly, the game world – according to the understanding of the Vikings at the time – is a disc. Thus the water of the sea simply plunges into the depths at the edge. If a player dares to get too close to this rank, he will suffer the same fate and lose his life.

Valheim: New survival game turns into a surprising Steam hit

With Valheim, a new survival game has started on Steam that introduces dream ratings and can have a very large number of players.

We are curious to see whether and which other secrets of this kind the Valheim players will uncover. After all, the survival title has only been on the market for a few days and should still have a lot in store in this regard. Have you possibly already discovered something like this? If so, please let us know in the comments!

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