V Rising, multiplayer hit vampire survival, will get a new update, Secrets of Gloomrot, on May 17, Stunlock Studios has announced via a cinematic trailer. The reason for this new patch, in addition to bringing new content, is the celebration of the title’s first anniversary and its great success. It should be remembered that the popular vampire survival game sold more than 3 million copies and was one of the most popular.

This new patch will allow players to explore Gloomrot, a new two-zone area, in search of cruel science. To do this, they must hunt the blood of brilliant madmen to use the power of lightning and enter a new technological era. The aspect of combat has also been changed. In this there will be new types of weapons, a new school of spells, these can be modified to suit everyone thanks to a system of jewels.

Additionally, they applied construction improvements of the castle. This will allow for multi-story builds, claiming territories, and the ability to customize purchased spaces.

The world of Vardoran has been revamped with new points of interest, with visual improvements, new elements and different types of enemies have also been added. Related to the latter, were included 13 additional bosses to hunt and gain new obscure knowledge.

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