There No Man’s Sky update 4.2, called “Interceptor”, presents many interesting novelties. now you can explore corrupted planets, battle a legion of new robotic guardians, hijack their technology, steal their ships, harvest their resources, destroy their freighters and much more. You can also expand your fleet with your own custom salvaged Interceptor ship.

the corrupt worlds they are fortified planets that have succumbed to corruption, with strange crystals sprouting from the ground and their robotic guardians twisted into strange new shapes. You can explore these worlds to find new buildings, crashed interceptors, secret equipment, etc.

The update also introduces a variety of gameplay improvementsincluding the ability to move your wrist spotlights in VR for personalized control of your position, a greater variety of Interceptor ships and Sentinel fleets, improvements to Sentinel quadruped combat units, and much more.

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