Novarama, developer of Killsquad, today announced that United 1944, its new multiplayer FPS that combines shooter, strategy, and crafting, will launch its first Steam Closed Beta on the weekend of May 19-21. The closed beta phase will be playable for 4 hours per day, giving players a preview of the game in preparation for the full commercial release on PC later this year.

Compete in 16v16 Conquest matches across major WWII theaters in North Africa, with more maps to come including France and Russia. This first beta will allow players to experience the exciting Domination mode, in which you will have to search for resources, craft weapons, find enemy intelligence documents, establish outposts and destroy all enemy bases.

Players can now request beta access on the United 1944 Steam page. Please note that registering does NOT guarantee that you will have access to the beta, as players will be randomly selected. If you don’t get in this time around, you’ll still have a chance to play as there will be more beta testing in the coming months.

Official website | United 1944 – Discord

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