In this article we explain how to get unique equipment in Dark and Darker. We will also tell you what rarity is and what its levels are in the game.

Dark and Darker is a dungeon crawler game that contains battle royale elements. A group of players gather on different maps and fight for loot. The area shrinks from time to time and you can only escape through portals that appear in various places. If you succeed, you keep all your loot; if you die, you lose everything, including the gear you’re wearing. Of course, the better the gear, the better the chances of survival. Therefore, it’s no surprise that players are looking for unique weapons and items. In this article we will talk about them.

Darker and Darker: Rarity

We should start with the fact that in Dark and Darker there is a distinction between the rarity of items. Starting with gray and ending with unique – pale yellow.

A list of rarity levels (starting with the most common):

  1. Gray
  2. Azul
  3. Green
  4. Purple
  5. Orange
  6. Yellow (single)

Of course, the above is related to the power of items. The rarer they are, the more additional bonuses you will receive. You can get the most common items from chests or monsters if you’re lucky. However, for the more valuable ones, you will have to deal with bosses. However, here equipment from the Uniqe category stands out.

Unique weapons and items in Dark and Darker

Unique weapon on Dark and DarkerReddit, user Denelorn092

items in the only category are the rarest for a reason. They cannot be obtained in the traditional way. You can only get them if you play in High-Roller mode. This features tougher opponents, but also the ability to drop rarer loot. To play, you must pay 100 gold and be at least level 15.

However, even there it is not easy to get unique items. Only bosses have a chance to drop this type of equipment.. So if you want to get it you have to face the toughest challenges the game has to offer.

It’s also worth mentioning that weapon stats are random. So this means that even if you manage to get the unique equipment, you can still receive unnecessary bonuses.

Dark and Darkest Guide

If you are curious about this and other mechanics included in the game, you should read our guide: Dark and Darker Guide. You will learn all the most important information.

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