While Season 6 of Fortnite is slowly but surely drawing to a close, there are increasing indications that aliens will soon be visiting the world of the Battle Royale shooter.

The first signs of this appeared some time ago in the form of a huge crop circle in Colossal Crops. In the meantime, the aliens are no longer so subtle – and even kidnap individual players.

At first there were only unconfirmed rumors that caused a lot of skepticism. But there are now several videos that show such a kidnapping and thus provide the necessary evidence. As can be seen in a video from GameXplosion, the kidnapping by the aliens begins with a player being followed across the entire map by a bright beam of light.

After a while, this beam focuses exactly on the character and slowly pulls it into the air and thus in the direction of the UFO, which cannot be identified more closely. After that, the figure seems to shift into another dimension for a short time before it comes to again a little later at another point on the map.

The highlight: After the kidnapping, the affected player has fully charged shields again – even if they were previously badly damaged.

It is not yet known whether there is a specific system behind the kidnappings. Right now it seems like everything happens at random.

In addition, of course, the question arises what the next stage of this alien invasion will look like and when it will take place. According to current plans, Season 6 of Fortnite will end (buy now 37.95 €) on June 8th, 2021 – so next week.

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