Yesterday the relegations of the Liga Nexo endedand we already know the ten members who, in principle, will be part of the maximum League of Legends competition in the Storm Circuit.

UCAM Academy defended its place against The Last Monkand they will be part of the Nexus League for another division. The Murcians won the Best of Five series 3-1, in which Whyx was the most outstanding with a KDA of 8/13/55.

The Murcians started much better, with some wild Rewound and Ruxal on the first map in Viego and Ahri, Whyx also receiving spectacular initiations from Rakan. The second map also looked set to fall on the side of the square defenders, who were in front in gold for much of the game, but the soul of the mountain who got The Last Monk ended up decanting the team fights1-1.

The last two cards came from the UCAM Academy, which was very popular almost from the start, and the Murcians closed it down the fast lane by going 3-1 which gave them the right to stay in La Liga Nexo during the summer split.

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