• Ubisoft is making plans to release NFT in the game.
  • NFTs will be available as in-game items that will have a unique code.
  • These NFTs will be minted on the Tezos green blockchain.

Ubisoft, one of the leading gaming companies, has announced the integration of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in its games. The firm has stated that these NFTs will be known as “digits” and will contain a unique serial number. They will also have value in the crypto market.

While Ubisoft has already announced plans to make them come true, gamers at the game company have yet to provide feedback on the development.

Ubisoft launches NFT for games

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Ubisoft announced the details of this new project in a tweet, stating that these NFTs will be provided through Ubisoft Quartz. These NFTs will allow users to access “the first energy efficient and reproducible NFTs”.

The NFTs will be stored on the Tezos blockchain. Tezos Goes Through Proof-of-Stake Consensus; therefore these NFTs will be minted in an environmentally friendly manner.

The firm also notes that Ubisoft Quartz will offer,

A new experience for our players, based on our vision of creating a growing connection between you and the game worlds you love.

Ubisoft also claims that players will have autonomy and agency when using game assets. Ubisoft has stated that the first NFTs will be released in beta. The NFTs will feature in-game equipment and can be purchased using cryptocurrencies.

The game items will not be expendable as they all have a unique serial number. Players can trade the NFTs on the Tezos blockchain, even if they don’t play Ghost Recon or other NFT-compatible games. However, the gamer tags of previous owners will continue to be included in the NFTs.

NFT in the gaming industry

Ubisoft is one of the most popular gaming platforms. Some of the popular games on the platform include Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry, which have made multi-million dollar sales. Ubisoft also recently launched Valhalla, which posted 1.8 million sales in the first week.

Due to its growing popularity, if the company could venture into NFT, it would be a completely new and revolutionary aspect for the gaming industry.

Other gaming platforms have also been looking for NFT, which has led to an increased popularity of gaming platforms to win. However, the adoption of NFTs in games has not yet reached the desired levels due to the backlash over the impact of NFTs on the environment.

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