Blaze Entertainment He had already promised at the end of last year that we should expect great things for Evercade during this year (and part of next). And last month, we even teased that the two new collections announced today would be the next to hit stores, bringing a bunch of great retro titles to the fore.

Now we can officially talk about it The C64 Collection 2 there Toaplan Arcade Collection 2 these will be the next Evercade cartridges to arrive. Both will be compatible with Evercade and Evercade EXP and will have a color manual inside the box. The expected release date is April 28 of 2023.

List of tracks included in The C64 Collection 2

  • California Games
  • Killer
  • fire lord
  • Insects in space
  • mission impossiblebubble
  • Nebulous
  • mission impossible 2
  • World Games
  • Pit Stop II
  • Street sport basketball
  • Fargoal Sword
  • Uridium
  • Zamzara

List of titles included in Toaplan Arcade Collection 2

  • twin falcon
  • demon’s world
  • fire shark
  • hell fire
  • rally bike
  • twin cobra
  • Guardian

A total of 21 new titles will be coming to Evercade consoles. Will you try them?

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