Twitch: One of the greatest streamers lives in the trash, causes controversy

Twitch: One of the greatest streamers lives in the trash, causes controversy

The gaming room from Streamer xQc is much more of a DansGame than xqcL

What does a room look like if you gamble for 14 hours every day? XQc, one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, showed this to his fans – and they were anything but enthusiastic. Some streamer colleagues also expressed themselves – sometimes visibly concerned – about the state of his gaming cave.

Multimillionaire with a littered room

During a stream, xQc watched a room tour video of the biggest female streamer Pokimane together with his Twitch viewers. Here she not only showed off her streaming corner, but also the rest of her clean and tidy apartment.

Of course, his viewers then demanded that xQc also show his room – and although he was clearly not prepared for it, he granted their wish.

Pretty nasty: As the clip shows, the streamer lives in the dirt. Leftovers, empty beverage cans and other rubbish pile up on the desk. The rubbish is already piling up on the floor.

His fans reacted with a mixture of amusement, shock and concern – many of them immediately asked for a cleaning stream in the chat in which xQc should clean up the mess.

The viewers had already thought that this would of course not happen – after all, the streamer only recently spilled his gamer drink on his keyboard and lap, just wiped the mess away with a T-shirt and then continued streaming for hours.

Many viewers find this behavior outrageous – after all, xQc currently lives with another streamer, as the police were at his door every day.

“It’s kind of scary”

Of course, not only the audience but also other streamers reacted to the viral clip of his short room tour.

So the streamer nmplol can even understand the clutter: After he recently played for twelve hours straight with his girlfriend Malena Rust for the first time, things looked at least as bad for them:

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Pokimane is worried: Even the streamer Pokimane, whose video only animated xQc to take his own room tour, reacted to xQc’s room:

“Even for five minutes people don’t want to get up to make food or to warm up food that they left in the refrigerator. Instead, they literally order three meals a day and swallow energy drinks to get through the long hours, which ends up being one Lots of rubbish. Which also makes sense.”

The biggest problem is not the garbage itself, but the lifestyle that the disorder suggests:

“When I look at it, I don’t think, ‘Oh, that’s so messy,’ but rather that if you live like this day in and day out, I can’t imagine what that does to your body and your health. Processed food three times a day. And I’m not even putting this down on the high horse that I always eat healthy. It’s kind of scary.”

Pokimane is not wrong about this: Anyone who sits at the PC for hours every day can develop health problems – from eye pain to back problems to long-term damage you can catch a lot while gaming:

In our series of health tips for gamers, we introduce you to the most common diseases and explain how you can stay healthy while playing with advice from various experts.

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