The two fraudsters probably didn’t see that coming: The fact that two hackers lose their accounts after a Warzone tournament is due to the real role model behind Mara.

Who is the woman behind Mara? Alex Zedra, cosplayer, marksman and Twitch streamer from the USA, became the in-game character Mara in Season 1 and has been running on the battlefields of MW and Warzone ever since. In fact, many of the fictional operators are based on real people such as influencers or even ex-special forces soldiers:

After a Warzone tournament on Twitch on March 12th, Zedra spoke up publicly and pilloried two scammers: “Hey Twitch, I saw two hackers in a stream I hosted and I think you should know that”, she wrote, sharing video evidence of the incidents:

The cheater couple was previously not only through the use of wallhacks and aimots, but also through wild insults and Bragging about their high kill-death ratio attracted negative attention in the game.

While they were broadcast live on the Zedra channel, they provoked with malicious statements, insults and arrogant statements: “I’m only streaming this game for 11 days and I’ll be a Twitch partner tomorrow!”

» The most poisonous cheaters in 5 Years «

A short time later, the accounts were blocked by Twitch. The pair’s Twitter profiles have also disappeared.

Zedra is relieved. “These two were the most poisonous cheaters I stumbled across in my five years on this platform, thank you very much for the ban”, she writes to Twitch on Twitter. “I’m glad I saw his suspension live after he called me a slut and challenged me to 1on1 while he was obviously cheating.”

Despite (or perhaps because of) its outstanding success, Warzone stands repeatedly criticized for hacking problems. Many gamers and influencers consider the measures taken to combat cheating to be inadequate. Cheaters are also high on our list of Warzone’s biggest problems.

Incidentally, forecasts in the CoD community recently caused an uproar that the previous map will soon be replaced and the well-known Verdansk finally destroyed – a big mistake, says GameStar author Steffi Schlottag!

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