Turtle Beach Announces STEALTH PRO Wireless Headset

Turtle Beach Announces STEALTH PRO Wireless Headset

Long live the new king of ultra-premium wireless gaming audio! Leading gaming accessory maker Turtle Beach Corporation (Nasdaq: HEAR) today announced the newest flagship among its cross-platform wireless gaming headsets: the Turtle Beach® Stealth Pro, bringing the award-winning and best-selling gaming headset brand to the gaming multiverse of Xbox, PlayStation, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. Players will experience the Stealth Pro the best sound quality for games thanks to the large size and powerful drivers Nanoclear Turtle Beach’s hand-selected 50mm drivers have 56% more surface area than their 40mm competitors, allowing them to deliver more bass and a wide, immersive soundstage. THE Stealth Pro They also offer the most effective noise cancellation in a gaming headset, ranging from full noise transparency that lets you hear background ambient noise, to 25dB reduction that blocks out most distractions so you can focus on winning. Players have the option of using the two built-in microphones of the Stealth Pro or the detachable boom microphone TruSpeak of Stealth Pro which reduces background noise ten times more than its competitors. Both mics feature Turtle Beach’s SMART (Sonic Measurement Audio Reduction Tuning) microphone technology that picks up only your voice and nothing but your voice.

Premium synthetic leather and memory foam ear cushions with eyewear-specific technology ProSpecs provide extra comfort and the steel-reinforced headband and frame ensure that the Shealth professional they are built to last. Additional features such as variable mic monitoring, superhuman hearing®sound presets and other controls to customize them are available in the app Turtle Beach Audio Hub. The Xbox and PlayStation versions of the Stealth Pro They can be reserved now at es.turtlebeach.com and in partner stores worldwide at the recommended price of €329.99. THE Stealth Pro they will arrive to assert their claim to the throne on April 23, 2023.

“OUR Stealth Pro are the pinnacle of sound for gaming with unmatched audio quality, noise cancellation, build quality and comfort,” said Juergen Stark, President and CEO of Turtle Beach Corporation. The high quality of the Stealth Pro They outperform every other headset on the market, but again, all of your settings are saved directly to the headset and controlled with the app, so you can take your personalized sound wherever you go.”

Stark goes on to say, “Our team has benchmarked the headset’s sound quality and noise cancellation against other high-end headsets since the earliest moments of development. Stealth Pro and designed them to be superior to others in every way. With nearly 50 years of experience delivering the greatest innovation in PC sound and gaming, the Stealth Pro They are proudly a reference for all others.

Then you have the full list of features of the Stealth Pro, all designed to deliver an exceptional gaming sound experience:

cross-platform compatibility

The Stealth Pro are designed to play on several platforms: Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, PS5 and PS4, Windows PC and Mac, Nintendo Switch and Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices or tablets.

Exceptional sound fidelity

Turtle Beach engineers have pushed the boundaries of sound fidelity to create the best headphones ever. Powerful 50mm Drivers Nanoclear Hand-selected drivers are larger than the competition, with 56% more surface area than the competition’s 40mm drivers, so they can deliver stronger bass, and are selected to eliminate small differences between the left and right speakers. The hole in the speakers Stealth Pro (optimized for sound) and active software tuning achieve the feeling of a wide soundstage where you hear immersive, immersive 3D audio, including Windows Sonic on Xbox and Sony 3D Audio on PS5.

Unrivaled Active Noise Cancellation

Experience the most effective noise cancellation (according to benchmarks) currently possible in a gaming headset. Four internal noise-cancelling microphones reduce noise levels by up to 25dB. THE Stealth Pro adapt to the most varied situations, Whether gamers are looking to eliminate distractions or tone down ambient sounds for near-total noise transparency, they can adjust the reduction using the app. Turtle Beach Audio Hub or on the headset dial.

boom microphone TruSpeak with SMART noise cancellation

No more distracting background noise interference interrupting a gaming session. Turtle Beach engineers designed a microphone to pick up only your voice and reduce background noise by up to 97%. It is up to ten times more efficient than the competition*. Utilizing a cardioid polar pattern and Turtle Beach’s Sonic Measurement Audio Reduction Tuning (SMART) noise cancellation technology, the next generation of microphones TruSpeak Adjust ambient noise to let only your voice through.

*A reduction of 25dB behind the microphone vs. 2dB for competitors based on Turtle Beach testing.

INTELLIGENT hidden microphones

SMART noise cancellation technology is also found in two microphones that are hidden, providing clear and defined conversation wherever you are or if you just don’t want to use a boom mic.

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A dual interchangeable battery system

Two 12+ hour hot-swappable batteries provide 24/7 power. 15 minutes of quick charging adds three hours of battery life.

A stylish wireless transmitter and battery charger

The transmitter dock is unobtrusive and provides a lag-free 2.4 GHz wireless connection, doubles as a charging station for batteries, and includes a built-in USB-A port for charging other devices.

Lag-free wireless connection

Lag-free 2.4 GHz wireless solution, upgraded in Turtle Beach San Diego, CA, provides up to 50 feet of wireless range and optimizes real-time in-game and chat audio to give you the edge when playing without lag.

Dual Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity

You can simultaneously listen to your own music and Discord or take calls while gaming on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Mac or Nintendo Switch with Bluetooth 5.1 and Turtle Beach’s dual tethering technology.

App-based sound customization for mobile and desktop

Easily adjust EQ, noise canceling levels and other features using the app Turtle Beach Audio Hub for iOS and Android or Turtle Beach V2 Audio Hub for Windows PCs and Macs.

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Button to reassign wheel and mode

Customize the Stealth Pro to your liking with a button to remap wheel and button that can be assigned to different functions depending on how you play using the app Turtle Beach Audio Hub.

Advanced 10-band EQ and microphone enhancements

Design custom sound EQs for the type of game you’re playing at the time, and adjust mic sensitivity, noise gate, mic control levels, and more, all right from the app. Turtle Beach sound hub.

first class comfort

Leatherette-covered memory foam ear cushions with goggle-compatible technology ProSpecs Turtle Beach’s patented socks provide a total fit for better sound isolation and all-day comfort.

polished look

The bone Stealth Pro They’re designed for gaming, public transit, travel, and anything else you can think of. They have a polished and versatile design, with pleasant to the touch finishes and are made of durable reinforced steel.

superhuman hearing advance

Enjoy the great advantage of sound adjustments on the battlefield superhuman hearing Exclusive to Turtle Beach. Players can now switch between three different preset levels and adjust the intensity for a wide catalog of games.

Variable mic control

You won’t have to shout thanks to variable mic monitoring (or self-awareness) that lets you hear and adjust your voice in the headphones as you speak.

Travel-friendly design

Included travel bag is for on the go Stealth Pro wherever you want or to save them. An additional USB-C cable lets you directly charge the headset when you don’t have the transmitter nearby.

For more information on the latest Turtle Beach products and accessories, visit www.turtlebeach.com and be sure to follow Turtle Beach on TikTok, Twitter, instagramm and Facebook.

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