After being banned from nearly all social media after encouraging the Capitol Riots in 2021, Donald Trump formed the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) later that year. In early 2022, TMTG launched Truth Social, a social media platform where the former president currently has over 5 million followers.

While it may seem like Trump is simply creating his own internet island from which to say whatever he wants, The Guardian reports that federal agents are investigating TMTG for possible ties to an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Approximately $8 million in funds would come from “two obscure entities that appear to be controlled in part by a relationship with an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.” So far, there has been no response from TMTG or Truth Social.

The reasoning behind the investigation was that in 2022 the $8 million was given to TMTG to keep it afloat. The money came from Paxum Bank, a bank known for its history of providing banking services to the porn and sex worker industries. This would make it more likely to be involved in money laundering and other types of illicit financing.


According to the survey results, this could certainly hamper Trump’s plans for the 2024 election nomination.

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