Today, publisher Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studio announced that new Simulacrum, Fiona, is coming to Tower of Fantasy, the hit free-to-play open-world MMORPG. Fiona was once a powerful figure on Hykros. Due to her exceptional leadership ability, personality, and excellent judgment, she was chosen to oversee Innars. Fiona is committed to keeping her town safe, often disguising herself with simulacrum technology to walk among the people of Innars to better understand their daily needs. Fiona is not only a no-nonsense politician, but she is also capable of taking on important combat missions if her town falls into crisis using her weapon, the Moonstar Bracelet. Fiona’s regal attitude makes her the person the town needs to seek safety and hope.

Icarus has been available in-game since April 13. Icarus, a kind and polite person, has been tasked by the Archon of Hykros to lead Mooke’s squad and hunt the abyal to Innars, the heart of the mysterious region of Vera. With the help of his weapon, Preciosa, Icarus earned his position as the leader of Mooke’s squad.

Tower of Fantasy is available for free on the official website, as well as on the App Store, Google Play and Steam.

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