This week has seen a sharp increase in NFT trading volume, although this is likely only temporary. Player numbers for Web3 games are mostly stable as game developers strive to expand to mobile devices and make onboarding processes easier for new players.’s recent airdrop is the first token launch in a long time that has generated such buzz. And while most of those who received tokens sold them immediately, rumors of a second airdrop sparked an intense NFT trading frenzy on the platform.

In gaming news, we’re seeing more and more developers moving towards integrating mobile features and working on ways to make onboarding new players into the Web3 ecosystem as easy and seamless as possible. So on those fronts we have a pre-alpha for the mobile version of Gods Unchained, a new immutable Passport, designed to work as a combined wallet and login authenticator, and Champions Ascension opens its alpha for free-to-play at all the world. , No . Wallet required!

Other moves in space see Chainmonsters move to Immutable X, an ongoing open beta for the MMO, Cradles, and a hijack in one of the player’s DAOs in Alien Worlds for over US$100,000 from tokens! !

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Read on for the most active Web3 games and NFT projects of the week. And be sure to keep an eye on our website and Twitter Feed for the latest developments in the web3 gaming space!

Top play to win active user games

This week, our card order remains almost exactly the same. The only difference is our new entry at issue #10, Nine Chronicles. Otherwise, player counts were stable across the board, with ebbs and flows between different games.

Top 10 NFT Collections per volume traded

Collection Volume traded 7 days volume change
1. Mutant Ape Yacht Club $92.78 million +198.21%
2. Bored Monkeys Yacht Club $75.05 million +274.26%
3.Azuki $50.8 million +76.80%
4. Otherdeed para Otherside $50.59 million -10.57%
5. Open edition $42.66 million +3,846.84%
6. Clone X $35.9 million +84.57%
7. Lunar Birds $29.07 million -8.26%
8. The Bored Monkeys Kennel Club $26.75 million +217.04%
9. V4 checks $25.22 million +84.85%
10. Chubby Penguins $19.6 million +67.53%

Source: DappRadar

The volume of the NFT market has seen incredible volume over the past week. Unfortunately, much of this seems to be down to the NFT whale washing trade as they try to make the most of’s upcoming airdrop. And while that’s great for those racking up all the collection and transaction fees, it’s not so great for markets in general. And it should also serve as a warning to NFT collectors about how easily a player can manipulate these markets. Especially if this person controls a significant part of the collection!

We will likely see a drop in volume commensurate with the rise this week as the dropping frenzy subsides.

The best advertisements of the week

Top 10 Blockchain Gaming Tokens

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