The Call of Duty saga on other occasions throughout its history, although especially in recent installments, has carried out quite cool collaborations, but these have intensified over the last year with crossovers such as King Kong and Godzilla and Terminators, among others.

But now, Modern Warfare 2 seems to be going one step further and even going to introduce real celebrities in the form of operators in the game.

In fact, there is already a collaboration with Burger King, but now I am going to focus on the crossover with two footballers. It should be remembered that this was something that was already rumored in its day since these names appeared in the code of Modern Warfare 2.

The thing was there and it was not known how they were going to include the athletes in the war shooter. Finally, the first images of two of them have already been leaked. Check out!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: this is what Neymar and Pogba look like

It has been through Reddit that some images that the dataminer CodSploitz has found in the code of Modern Warfare 2 have been echoed:

  1. Images of soccer players Neymar and Pogba as game operators have been leaked.
  2. This, then, is one more clue that advances a collaboration of the title with the World Cup.
  3. The World Cup will be held in November, so that will be when the collaboration and these operators would arrive.
  4. It is worth mentioning that Messi was also mentioned in the previous leak, although for now no images of him as an operator have been seen.

I leave the images below:

Neymar in Modern Warfare 2

Neymar in Modern Warfare 2

Pogba in Modern Warfare 2

Pogba in Modern Warfare 2

What do you think of the operator models? Without a doubt, it is curious that they have included soccer players in a Call of Duty, but I am sure that this collaboration will be a success, especially in countries where soccer is a national sport.

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