It turns out Sif from Dark Souls has a real-life counterpart: a dog named Pinto Bean.

As The Dodo first discovered in the video below, there’s a dog in the world that really likes to fight with a real sword. This dog’s name is Pinto Bean, a charming canine companion who, after hours of watching her owners simulating sword fights, decided to pick up a gun and try it out herself.

This thing goes completely crazy the moment it gets a sword. It’s less “flair” with Pinto Bean’s fencing and more “all-out attack”, as the dog swings its head from side to side trying to hit enemies with its sword, rather than outmaneuver them. skillfully.

It’s odd that Pinto Bean only chases people with his sword if they also have a sword. Sure, she’ll lunge at anyone when she has a dagger or other blade in her mouth, but it’s not until someone else confronts her with a sword that she knows he’s time to fight properly.

“He must have been a medieval knight in his previous life,” reads one YouTube comment that really hits home. “She’s literally the real-world version of Zacian from Pokémon Sword and Shield! So gorgeous,” another commenter wrote, referring to another great comparison for the Pinto Bean.

Honestly, I’d like to know if Pinto Bean owners have ever heard of Sif from Dark Souls. Chances are Anna and Luke probably didn’t, but someone should probably mention that the internet loves their dog because he reminds everyone of a dog they unfortunately were forced to to kill in a video game more than ten years ago.

This can only make us think of this poodle that could have been confused with Arcanine from Pokémonas you do.

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