Hogwarts Legacythe highly anticipated title based on the world of Harry Potterhas been on the market for two weeks now, but players are still uncovering secrets.

A recent discovery has revealed a hidden passage inside a fireplace that some Hogwarts Legacy players may not yet be aware of.

There is no doubt that Hogwarts Legacy has shattered expectations with its record sales. Many fans of the Harry Potter franchise, and non-fans who love a good RPG, have flocked to the game, exploring Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry while uncovering a plethora of thrilling mysteries along the way.

With a game on such a large scale, there are many mysteries and secrets that some players may not have discovered yet. Luckily, for the curious, a TikTok account helps gamers uncover some of those incredible secrets the game has hidden so well.

Now, a TikTok posted by Jorsin reveals a secret passage that can be found inside a seemingly normal fireplace. To access the chimney, players must start in the Faculty Tower in the South Wing.

From here, players will descend a hallway, turn right to climb a large staircase, and then come to a door that leads to the room with the fireplace, where players will need to cast the Glacius spell on the structure to reveal the passage. .

With so many different secret locations in Hogwarts Legacy, it’s easy to miss some of them, but thanks to this video, some of you might discover something new.

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