The astronautsan independent Polish game development company, has just released a new trailer featuring gameplay of its long-awaited dark fantasy first-person shooter, witch fire.

For those unfamiliar with the company’s background, it was founded in October 2012 by Adrian Chmielarz, Michał Kosieradzki and Andrzej Poznański, who previously founded People Can Fly in 2002. Astronauts gained recognition with the release of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, a horror adventure game, in 2014.

Witchfire was first introduced by The Astronauts in 2017, but after revealing it, the game went dark for a while. After a five-year wait, the game has resurfaced with news that it was due for release in 2022.

However, the astronauts’ ambitions for Witchfire continued to grow, leading them to push the game’s release to 2023 to improve its exploration elements.

Now, the new Witchfire trailer has been unveiled during IGN Fan Fest 2023, showcasing the game’s unique weapon mechanics. the weaponry outs of the game, focusing specifically on a powerful hand cannon known as the Hunger.

This formidable firearm rewards the player for landing critical hits by granting very powerful bullets when reloading. However, Hunger’s abilities don’t stop there. As players progress through weapon tuning, they can further increase the power of their bullets by consistently landing critical hits.

At the final level of attunement, Hunger becomes even deadlier, as the first body hit counts as a critical hit, allowing players to freeze enemies if they land all critical hits. These unique and customizable weapon mechanics promise to add an exciting level of depth and strategy to the game.

This is the second Witchfire trailer this year, with the first released in early January. The above trailer showed off the game’s ability to maintain a high frame rate despite its intense graphics, thanks to the developers’ implementation of DLSS 3 technology.

Additionally, the first trailer hinted at Witchfire’s intense first-person gameplay, in which the player character uses a combination of magic spells and firearms to take down various monstrous enemies.

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