Today, Amazon Games unveiled the second part of its roadmap 2023 For lost ark, giving players a preview of some of the exciting new content and updates coming to the game between May and August.

Continuing the habit of regularly contributing new content to lost ark, Amazon Games announced several changes to better support new and returning players, as well as to incorporate feedback from the player base. Heroes of Arkesia will be able to enjoy new advanced classes, new dungeons, new raids, new continent, player progression updates, various quality of life updates and much more. Highlights include:

  • New Advanced Courses – In the coming months, Lost Ark will introduce two new advanced classes: the Annihilator and the Stormcaller. The Annihilator is the advanced fifth class of female warriors: a feminine mix of the Berserker class, she conquers the battlefield with her two-handed sword, while the Stormcaller, the advanced second class of specialist, devastates her opponents by manipulating the weather report.
  • ebony cubes – A new activity in which players must eliminate waves of enemies to obtain rewards. This new activity consolidates and replaces Boss Rush and Dimensional Cube
  • Mainland of Elgacia – Players of item level 1460 will have the opportunity to venture on a new continent: Elgacia. In this new area, players will explore Ereonnor, the city of light built in reverence to the gods, as well as the blessed garden of Hestera and the holy mount Philanthos to uncover the secrets of the Lazenites.
  • hell mode: Players will have the opportunity to prove they are the best of the best in Raid Kakul-Saydon Horde’s new Inferno mode. Instead of chasing normal gear and material rewards, Inferno Mode rewards will showcase player victories with titles, achievements, stronghold structures, and more.

Full month-by-month details can be found in the Official Lost Ark Blog

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