This morning the cultural agenda of the OXO Video Game Museum was presented in its facilities in Malaga. As we already announced to you on the day of its inauguration, OXO is the commitment to open the video game as a cultural medium to the public and which opened its doors on January 27th.

The programming reaches the city with activities carried out in direct contact with developers, creators, authors and representatives of other cultural spheres with which video games are closely linked, as indicated by Santiago Bustamante, responsible for this area of ​​the project and well-known broadcaster and conductor of Radio 3’s cultural program System Failure.

The cultural programming of OXO Museo Videojuego Málaga is divided into three weekly activities dedicated to the industry, and of which we will have the first appointment this Thursday, April 20 with a presentation by Josué Monchan, Narrative Director of Péndulo Studios, entitled “Game video and narrative sagas”. .

Below we leave you the complete cultural agenda until the end of June, in case you want to plan your visit in advance.

Cultural agenda OXO Video Game Museum April-June 2023

  • April 20 – “Video games and narrative sagas”
  • Josué Monchan, narrative director of Péndulo Studios.
  • April 27 – “Pixelized Memories”
  • Jesús Martínez del Vas, cartoonist and writer specializing in the history of video games in
  • Spain.
  • May 4 – “Literature and video games. The Zara game”
  • Ángel Luís Sucasas, narrative director of Mercury Steam.
  • May 11 – “An Island Among Islands: Animal Crossing”
  • Sara Borondo, curator of the Animal Crossing exhibition.
  • May 18 – “The myth turned video game: God Of War”
  • Laura Luna, author and content creator.
  • May 25 – “Call Of Duty: World War Online”
  • David Martínez, curator of the Call Of Duty exhibition.
  • June 1 – FPT: Conversation in the first person: Enric Álvarez
  • Enric Alvarez, CEO of Mercury Steam
  • June 8 – “Literary sagas and video games”
  • Concepción Perea / Carlos Sisí, authors.
  • June 15 – “The sagas of cinema and video games”
  • Raúl Álvarez, director of the Master in Script of Rey Juan Carlos.
  • June 22 – “Tetris: From Russia with love (and without copyright)”
  • José María Villalobos, writer.
  • June 29 – FPT: Discussion in the first person: Raúl Rubio.
  • Raúl Rubio, CEO of Tequila Works.

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