IThe Heretics are a quarter-final team. The Gevous boys added another day with a positive result of 2-1 and they qualify for the next round as 2nd. Group 1st Istanbul Wildcats once again beat Heretics in a very even match that went over 40 minutesin which a rampaging BAO ended up tipping the scales.

Istanbul Wildcats again

The Turks soured the group stage for the Heretics, who suffered two defeats in the two games played against the Istanbul Wildcats. Even so, The Heretics added another 2-1 which ranks them for the quarter-finals as second in the group.

The first match was defeated by The Heretics, who easily overpowered Zero Tenacity and eliminated them from the EMEA Masters for good. The Heretics were tied 3-1 after a resounding 20-2 in eliminations in just 24 minutes.

The second map was tighter. Geekay Esports jumped better on the Riftand was leading in the gold marker for much of the game start, until iBo dots the ‘i’s. The Pole played a spectacular Gwen, on her back rested all the hopes of Los Heretics, and he did not fail. All the fighting favored the vice-champion of Spain thanks to the actions of the tolerantthere The Heretics add their fourth victory, certify their classification and will play for the first place against the champion of Turkey.

On the third map, Istanbul Wildcats managed to defeat The Heretics after 43 minutes. A hard-fought map that ended up dooming BAO with a Pentakill, in which Gevous’ men rowed as long as they could after losing much of the match. Flakked kept the game alive for his team, but the hellish soul that ended up falling on the Turkish champion’s side was decisive.

The Heretics go 2nd in the group, with the Istanbul Wildcats as first. Possible rivals for Heretics will almost certainly be LDLC and Team GO.

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