Since Covid, which saw the Overwatch League split into two regions (East and West, separated by the Pacific Ocean), and then the more recent Blizzard-Tencent split, there has been tremendous pressure on Chinese OWL teams. . With Overwatch 2 and other Blizzard titles currently not yet playable in the huge country, many, myself included, wondered what this would mean for the future of OWL’s four Chinese teams, and while three seem to have weathered this storm so far, one might have another fate.

And that’s because in a new statement from the Overwatch League, it’s revealed that the Chengdu Hunters may not participate in the OWL at all this season as the team considers its future.

Los Hunters no están listos para commenzar su campaña 2023 la próxima semana como cualquier otro equipo en el OWL, lo que signifies que la división East ahora solo verá seis equipos de nivel OWL luchando, incluso si habrá seis equipos de nivel Contenders para ayudar a aumentar numbers.

As for what this means for the Hunters’ future, that remains unclear, but the League said it will share more information as soon as it can.

Either way, however, it wouldn’t be fair to the competing teams for a team to come back and have a shot at winning the Championship if they choose to start their 2023 campaign several weeks and possibly even months later. everyone.

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