One of the more unusual soap operas in recent video game development is one involving The Day Before, the title of Fantastic which was even suspected not to exist, just like Abandoned. Also, the fact that its gameplay presentation from a few months ago looked a lot (but a lot) like The Last of Us didn’t bode well for a good reception from the community. And then the game was delayed, claiming a license bug and a calendar app. The deal didn’t look good for this development, which even Valve itself took down the game’s Steam page.

But the studio isn’t throwing in the towel, and in a statement to – Game News, they not only say they’re sticking with the planned November 10 release date, but they’ll also be returning to Steam and releasing a playable demo.

“As we get closer to the release date, we will be launching a beta test of the game. This will give players the opportunity to test the game before release and provide valuable feedback that we can use to improve the final product. “

“And for those wondering if the game is going to be available on Steam, it should be on Steam, yes. The team is working on it.”

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