Throughout the One Piece anime and manga, we have met many characters, but only a few have been as popular as the Straw Hat Pirates, and one of them is Trafalgar Law. Every once in a while we see cosplays so good they make his character look like he’s walked off the screen and that’s the case with the Trafalgar Law cosplay he presented recently Alvaro D Taurus.

Clan D is not to be taken lightly and we know this in part thanks to Trafalgar Law as it was his mentor who told him they were the Enemies of God or the Tenryuubito. It seems this legend applies to the cosplay scene as well, as Álvaro D Toro showcased one of the best Trafalgar Law cosplays we’ve seen with his latest One Piece tribute.

Álvaro is a talented cosplayer and fitness trainer from Chile who has been showcasing his costumes on social media for just over six months, so he’s barely transformed into a few characters. Among them there are two that belong to the world of One Piece, so it is clear that Álvaro is a fan and surely thanks to this he achieved such a good result with his Trafalgar Law cosplay.

We first saw Álvaro D in his Trafalgar Law cosplay in early February, when he transformed into a Torao to attend a convention with tattoos done by sebastián aka weonbizarro and glasses by Beauty Pink . Shortly after, Álvaro gave us a new look with a photograph taken by Jenzzo and this week we could see him in motion, since he posted a clip on his profile.

Without a doubt, the Trafalgar Law cosplay presented by Álvaro D Toro can be considered one of the best, so we hope that in the future he will hold more sessions that will allow us to take another look at his great suit. In the meantime, I invite you to follow him on his social networks, because in his portfolio he has a great Zoro cosplay that fans of the One Piece anime and manga will surely want to see.

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