Ehe transfer market for the Kings League InfoJobs was presented on the night of Monday March 13. The idea hasn’t even been around for a day, and memes are already starting to pop up on the networks about what can happen. The clauses are going to be a matter of discussion, but for the moment they are used to create memes.

The two teams that have spoken the most on the subject are Rayo de Barcelona, ​​with its president Spursito, and Los Troncosmainly implicated by his greatest representative, Edgar Álvaro, who will have to put a very high clause so that he does not leave.

Barcelona’s Rayo worried about penalties

Spursito is getting very hot in the Kings League, that’s something that can’t be discussed. The president of Rayo de Barcelona is the one who received the most penalties, for knocking on the cabin door and even for invading the Cupra Arena pitch to complain.

That’s why, After learning that penalties will now be paid with Kings League play money, they decided to take the joke to the extreme with different memes on the team’s official account. It is clear that the new market is going to give a lot of play.

However, their president is on another topic… Spursito already “threats”, obviously joking, with take the 400 million clauses and disappear from the face of the earth to go live in their new yachts and mansions.

Los Troncos, mission to keep Edgar

The second team that decided to make jokes about it from day one is Los Troncos. Edgar Álvaro is one of the hottest players in the Kings League, and it won’t be uncommon to see him getting several offers from other clubs.

The Los Troncos CM decided to get down to business and make all sorts of memes about the team’s franchise player. We’ll see what happens with Edgar, but the truth is that the market is moving for Los Troncos this summer.

For its part, of course, Perxita did not miss the opportunity to post a tweet, if necessary. representing Los Troncos after selling Edgar Álvaro as Donald Duck’s uncle Gilito.

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