If Techland has been characterized by anything with the support of the first Dying Light and now Dying Light 2, it is that they see that they can always go one step further in what they already offer. They did it with the first game, supporting it for years with content and updates and it seems that they will continue the path with the second game, supporting it with updates and if they can even with console mods.

In a question and answer session, Techland has answered everything bluntly, explaining that he would like to bring mod support to new generation consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

Mods on consoles for Dying Light 2

We are actively working to give PC modders the opportunity to access the tools used by our developers. We are also looking at tools and ways to implement PC mods on the console versions of Dying Light 2.

The first Dying Light is a great reference for what we can do in post-launch support. But I prefer not to add anything else because it is still too early. When we are ready, you will hear more about it.

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