Gaijin Entertainment announces the start of the Spring Mayhem event in the post-apocalyptic online action game Crossout. Warriors of the Wasteland will take control of exotic armored vehicles, created in the image and likeness of military vehicles from the pre-apocalyptic era. Among them are heavy artillery systems, nimble scouts with machine guns, heavily armed tanks and highly maneuverable snipers, as well as deadly flying machines.

Battles in the Spring Mayhem event take place in pre-assembled armored vehicles. Before the battle, the player chooses one of five available aircraft with different weapons, chassis and combat roles: scout, tank, sniper, artillery and helicopter. Battles take place on the special maps “Tank Range”, “River Lighthouse”, “Desolate Town”, which have been modified for combined ground and air vehicle battles. In the mode, respawn on death is enabled and the objective of the battle is to fill the points ladder before the opposing team by destroying enemy armored vehicles or controlling bases.

The “Spring Mayhem” will last until May 14, and for completing tasks, players will receive containers with valuable in-game resources.

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