A lot has happened since the release of Hogwarts Legacy for Xbox Series X|S (along with a bunch of other platforms) in February, but Xbox One owners always I haven’t had a chance to test the game yet.

We were actually supposed to play it already, it had a release date of April 4 until recently, but it’s since been pushed back to May 5, 2023. It’s the big date as it stands for Xbox One owners.

The big question we have about this release is how will it work? Hogwarts Legacy is a beautiful, expansive open-world experience, so we can’t imagine the base model (including the Xbox One S) could handle it as well. What to expect is low resolution at 30fps with lots of drops…anything else would be a definite plus.

Ultimately, the fact that Hogwarts Legacy is available to players using a 10-year-old console is reason enough to celebrate, and we’re interested to know if you’ll pick up the game on day one for a next-gen console. . system in May.

Still waiting for Hogwarts Legacy on Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below.

Are you looking forward to Hogwarts Legacy on Xbox One? (4 votes)

  1. Yes I know it will be great! 0%
  2. Yes, but it depends on performance. 0%
  3. No, I bought it for Xbox Series X|S75%
  4. No, but I might get the XB1 version in time. 0%
  5. No, one day I will have the Xbox Series X|S version25%
  6. Other 0%

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