• Super Mario Bros The Movie: a disappointment?

    The American media is not enthusiastic…

  • Is there already a sequel planned for Super Mario Bros The Movie?

    That’s what Chris Pratt suggested!

  • The interpreter of Mario talks about it

    Asked by CBR, the actor mentioned the existence of a post-generic scene at the end of the film.

  • A “taste” of the future

    And according to him, it gives an idea of ​​what a possible sequel to the film could look like.

  • An expected success?

    Common practice in the industry, so it could show the confidence that Nintendo and Illumination have in this project.

  • Super Mario Bros The Movie, in theaters soon

    See you from April 5, 2023 in dark rooms

As soon as the first images of Super Mario Bros. TheMovie, The expectation of the fans was clearly felt! Justified hope?

Super Mario Bros The Movie: After the hype, the big disappointment?

for a few hours, The first reviews of the new feature film starring the most famous plumber in the world are starting to fall. If a rather resounding success could be expected, it would seem that the success of the project in the end is not so obvious…

Indeed, according to the film’s score on the site Rotten Tomatoes, a well-known audience aggregator on the global Internet, this work would be a real disappointment. With an approval rating of just 55% after reviews from 97 different outlets, several flaws stand out.

On the one hand, if the beauty of its plastic remains undeniable, it seems that the proposed scenario is still quite superficial. Worse still, the interactions between the different characters would be almost nil, with a real lack of problems and good ideas on the mise en abyme of the universe of the saga.

Of course, we will still have to wait to see what the French media think. it is common to see totally different US and European valuations. Anyway, Super Mario Bros The Film will be released on April 5 in our dark roomsso do not hesitate to go see it to make your own opinion!

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