Criticized by fans since the broadcast of the first trailer for the film Super Mario Bros., Chris Pratt returns today to the controversy surrounding his interpretation of the character of Mario.

  • Chris Pratt Reacts to Super Mario Bros. Critics The Movie

    The actor recently returned to the controversy surrounding his performance.

  • A disappointment for the fans.

    From the very first trailer, fans criticized him for not transforming his voice enough to suit the character.

  • “Go see the movie, and then we’ll talk about it”

    Pratt then urged worried fans to wait to see the film before condemning her performance.

  • ” I understand “

    He does, however, understand her reaction to mean that he knows Mario is a big part of his youth.

  • A team at the top

    But according to him, the whole team really worked to ensure that the result lived up to the expectations of the public.

  • Super Mario Bros The Movie, in theaters soon

    See you from April 5, 2023 in dark rooms

In just under a week from today, The Super Mario Bros movie will officially start showing in cinemas around the world. As its premiere approaches, the actors involved in the project do not hesitate to share their experience with the media, as Chris Pratt was able to do recently with ExtraTV. And on this occasion, The interpreter of Mario has just returned to the controversy around his performance in the movie.

Chris Pratt Reacts to Super Mario Bros. Controversy

In fact, from the very first trailer, The Guardians of the Galaxy actor has come under heavy criticism from fans, who blame him for not trying to get close to the Mario we know from Nintendo games.. That is to say, not having transformed his voice sufficiently to resemble that of Charles Martinet, therefore the official voice actor of the character. And if he understands the reaction of the fans, he has a message for them:

You know, go see the movie. Go see the movie, then we’ll talk about it. I really think once you’ve seen the movie, and even, you know what, in all honesty, I think you should probably watch it twice.

To which the actor adds:

I understand. (…) This is the soundtrack of your youth. You don’t want someone coming in and cynically destroying it with a film like a cash bomb. I completely understand that you didn’t want that to happen, and there are so many hearts, souls, and minds dedicated to making sure that doesn’t happen.

I’m not sure that will be enough to quell the frenzy of gamers for the foreseeable future. But whatever, if there is a point on which he is right, it is that it is better to wait to see the film to form a definitive opinion. And we won’t have to wait much longer for that since Super Mario Bros will land in our dark rooms from April 5. In the meantime, you can still watch or re-watch the final trailer unveiled during a Nintendo Direct this month.

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