“Yes, Captain Boomerang and his favorite weapon: the shotgun!”

“I don’t understand why everyone is flying and shooting. Why haven’t all the characters been made super unique? Why does King Shark shoot weapons instead of ripping through enemies like a ram?

“Four different characters, but they all behave exactly the same.”

“What I saw was ‘a live service game with RPG elements, team progression, an in-game store and a battle pass’ (…) That’s basically everything I hate in games. Greedy, boring, soulless.”

“Season Pass in a full single-player game. This game is the new Marvel’s Avengers, and we all know how it turned out.”

“Rest in Peace Rocksteady…you will always be in our hearts!”

Looking objectively, the game doesn’t look too bad. The project promises to be an interesting shooter focused on the cooperative mode. The problem is that many players are already tired of the live-service model, and this Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League doesn’t seem to live up to the potential offered by the characters it presents. Adding to the problem is that the Arkham brand is still very strong and its fans expected something very different from Rocksteady’s first new game in eight years.

Recall that Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is heading to PC, Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5, and will be released on May 26 this year

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