Subnautica 2: A Multiplayer Sequel on the Horizon

The Subnautica series is getting a new addition, and it’s called ‘Subnautica 2.’ In their recent financial report, Krafton, the game’s publisher, provided some exciting details about the upcoming release. Let’s delve into what we know.

Multiplayer Excitement

Subnautica 2 is not just another game; it’s a multiplayer sequel to the original Subnautica. Krafton aims to build on the success of the first game by creating a cooperative multiplayer experience for up to four players. Interestingly, solo play seems to be an option as well.

New Features and Setting

Developed using Unreal Engine 5, Subnautica 2 promises “stunning graphics” as players dive into an entirely new alien planet. Unlike its predecessors set on Planet 4546B, this game challenges players to explore marine mysteries in an oceanic world.

The developers are focusing on a “game-as-a-service model with enhanced replayability,” ensuring a fresh and engaging experience.

Platforms and Release

While the specific platforms for Subnautica 2 haven’t been officially confirmed, Krafton’s previous fiscal report suggested a release on consoles and PC in 2025.

However, the latest report labels it as a “strategic title for 2024.” We’ll have to patiently await further details on this exciting project.

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