Street Fighter 6 will allow the expressive modification of the characters

Street Fighter 6 will allow the expressive modification of the characters

A nice feature with which to customize each match

A feature that leaves some time it finds in Street Fighter 6 but which could still tear some smiles, is the possibility of choosing, before the match (in the character selection screen) the facial expression of your fighter – a feature that goes hand in hand with the classic possibility of choosing the character in different colors or clothes.

Not the most exciting Street Fighter 6 feature, but Capcom still decided to give it visibility and prominence:

The studio considers it an interesting addition for players, among the various changes and improvements made to the new chapter of the series. The modification of the expression will be executable, in real time, from the VS screen and, once the suitable expression has been found, just confirm to apply the modification. It is thought that this customization change could open up to other similar features in the future.

Some think this feature in Street Fighter 6 it could in the future evolve as a sort of variable feature, similar to what happens with the famous “emotes” in many other video games. Expressions could become new unlockable items, or even purchasable ones, but for the moment these are only fictional hypotheses.

It is not known what kind of expressions each character in the rooster will have, if they will be the same ones shared between each of the fighters or if each fighter will have their own. Furthermore, the variety of these which will be available from the beginning is not known. Nothing transcendental, simply yet another cosmetic feature designed to significantly increase the longevity of the title and its variety.

See Street Fighter 6 you are interested in the recent gameplay video, dedicated to Cammy, leaked online, which you can view in the article at the superimposed link. Meanwhile, the most recent video presentation has made it possible to establish a provisional list of characters available in the game on its debut – a list to which other characters who have not found a place in the trailer will certainly be added, and in which you will see familiar faces but also new faces. all to be discovered.

What do you think of this feature? You would have preferred to hear about other kinds of news regarding Street Fighter 6? What would you like to see new in the game compared to the previous chapter? And what, on the other hand, from the past of the series, do you think could find a good place even in this latest iteration of the new generation? Tell us in the space below dedicated to comments and let’s discuss it together in friendship.

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