Did Stray catch your eye too? It’s quite normal, the game has a certain charm and besides, it will soon be released on the market. An independent publisher has just announced some great news for all PS5 gamers who love physical games.

One Stray, danger, two Stray, safety

A cat, robots and neon lights: it looks like an episode of Love, Death + Robots and yet, it is indeed one of the next PlayStation exclusives (on the home console side at least, since a PC release is also planned). The goal is simple: we control a small red feline in a futuristic universe where men seem to have disappeared and where machines roam… quite sadly.

An adventure and platform game with a delicious, almost comforting atmosphere that we have just been able to see in a new way. If you can find our preview in full here, here is a small excerpt:

Here no use of motion capture was used for the animation of the cat, each paw stroke is sketched manually. And the result is superb. Role play requires, a button allows the little hero to let go of meows at all costs, even during cutscenes. If you feel like it, you can also let it snooze in a ball for a moment.
Suffice to say that the “chat team” must be impatient and, precisely, we have another good news for him.

A box, but not Whiskas

If you’re a fan of physical gaming, rejoice: we have just learned that Stray will be available in a boxed version, only on PlayStation 5! A real nice piece of information delivered to us by 8bit, an independent publisher whose specialty is precisely this. We imagine that stocks will be limited, so hurry: for the moment, pre-orders are not launched yet and “more information will be coming soon”.

We already know that this physical edition will contain six cards, each adorned with artwork, and that its price will not be too expensive : the dematerialized game costing 29.99 euros, Annapurna Interactive declared that the boxed version will be sold around this price, without saying more for the moment.

We also recall that the game will also be available upon release in PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium ! Without it, go July 19, 2022 on PC, PS5 and PS4.

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