Leonardo Interactive announces that its long-awaited roguelike and structured strategic card battle RPG, Shattered Heaven, will delay its release on Steam to May 31 (LINK). This extra time will allow the studio to polish the game as much as possible. Meanwhile, Leonardo Interactive is offering the option to play a preview build of the game, reply to this email if you’re interested in covering it.

Game Features:

  • Tactical battles with RPG elements– To face the enemies that stand in their way, the heroes of Shattered Heaven will have to improve equipment and strategy, thanks to a rich skill tree.
  • Exploration: The hostile world in which the game takes place is presented as a succession of dungeons, offering procedural challenges, full of traps and treasures. No game will be the same.
  • Dynamic Deck Building System: The three initial decks (one for each playable character) will be customizable and modified with each game, according to the preferences and style of each player and without limit. No two battles will be the same.
  • manufacture of objects: During expeditions, players will get resources and can also buy them from in-game merchants. These will be useful for brewing potions and upgrades.
  • Cathedral Equinox: This is the base of operations from which expeditions will begin, as well as where customization and upgrades will take place.

If you wish to anticipate the launch of the game you can try the DEMO today which they posted on their Steam page.

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