Starfield’s release date is getting closer, so I guess it follows that Bethesda’s next great RPG should start getting tributes from devoted fans, even though I didn’t expect it. Channeling the sonic tones of Ed Sheeran, a Starfield wannabe has recorded a very catchy pop song paying homage to the upcoming space opera, as well as Fallout, Skyrim, Elder Scrolls and Todd Howard himself.

Recorded by musician and YouTube “JimmyAllGoods”, “No Man’s Skyrim – A Love Letter to Bethesda” traces the composer’s personal story with everything about the iconic developer, from Daggerfall to Starfield. There are nods to Fallout 3, Skyrim’s expansive player-driven story, and the notorious “Put buckets on people’s heads so you can steal all their stuff” bug.

On an easy-to-listen acoustic guitar melody, the Ed Sheeran-esque chorus is particularly catchy: “Roleplay, all day/Roleplay, all day”. Moving on to Starfield, AllGoods sings that it’s like “No Man’s Sky with the Fallout vibes / Sounds a little weird but it’s okay / Modders can fix it all in time”. Truly, no aspect of the Bethesda gaming experience is overlooked.

Really, I’ve had this loop in my head ever since I first heard it this morning. JimmyAllGoods, if you’re reading this, I think you have a hit in your hands. Modders, as soon as Starfield comes out, find a way to add this to the game somehow. I want to shoot down enemy spaceships and go digging up iron ore while humming “rpg, all day.”

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