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Well, it finally happened. Today, Todd and the team dropped the Bethesda big bomb in a new star field release date, with the game now scheduled for September 6, 2023. Although the release date is still six months away, that hasn’t stopped Howard & co. to tease more gameplay already.

If you’ve ever seen the trailer for the new release date, you’ve probably seen a lot of developer shots with real game In. Sure, there’s nothing major here, but yeah, the team is already teasing some of what you can expect to see at their upcoming Starfield Direct event.

This event will take place on June 11, just after the Xbox Games Showcase 2023 livestream ends, so we’re still a few months away from the Starfield Direct, and in the meantime, we’ll likely see this trailer a few more times to find out all there is to it. has to offer.

Oh, and we hope every Bethesda subreddit under the sun will also dig into these snaps in the weeks and months to come. We can already see a text that might deserve to be developed!

Are you excited to finally play Starfield in September? Let us know your thoughts on Bethesda’s plans for 2023.

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