Square Enix is ​​on sale, according to a well-known insider

Square Enix is ​​on sale, according to a well-known insider

The most important news of the day today can only be that of the acquisition of Square Enix from Embracer Group, with the company having an investment of approx 300 million dollars got its hands on Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal and Square-Enix Montreal and on all of them annexed intellectual property.

And following this important news, here it is Jeff Grubb, famous and reliable insider in the world of video games has published two new tweets that immediately attracted the attention of many gamers around the world: Square Enix would be on sale!

In fact, according to the declarations of the good Grubb, the sale of all its Western development teams ad Embracer Group for a rather small amount, of only 300 million dollars, it strongly indicates the willingness of the Japanese publisher to be acquired in turn by a publisher characterized by larger dimensions.

The sale of the Western teams would be the starter of the total acquisition of Square Enix

The insider in fact continues stating how this move by Square Enix was made to go and actually remove their own dry branches, eliminating the parts that work less generating little revenue, if not actually causing losses, with the aim of making their business as attractive as possible to potential external buyers.

And actually it is likely to think that the Japanese publisher may have made such a move to make it much more palatable on the market, leaving only the parts of the company currently enjoy active of great health and that continue to generate large revenues every year, with the various teams of western development which in recent months have met with rather disappointing results (just think of the disappointing sales of Marvel’s Guardians of Galaxy).


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