Things were already looking bad enough when it was confirmed that Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation would not be at E3 this year, but things got even worse this week when Ubisoft (a company that had promised to to be present at E3) also withdrew from the event. Today’s news only confirms that the gaming industry’s most iconic trade show is collapsing and losing its day-to-day support.

IGN reported that Sega and Tencent also pulled out of E3 this year, which means there will be even fewer major publishers who won’t be present at the return edition.

Although many publishers have confirmed that they will be hosting their own events digitally this summer, which means fans and consumers can still expect plenty of summer announcements, the lack of a big name presence at the E3 scares this year’s edition. will not be held.

In any case, we are awaiting official confirmation from the ESA on this and on what E3 2023 will be (if it takes place).

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