The second season of Halo Infinite came with many surprises, with a wide variety of content that brings multiplayer to life that has not left us indifferent.

Among everything that has come new, the game modes have been the key to keeping users hooked on the screens. Modes like Landgrab or Last Spartan Standing are two totally new modes that are here to stay in the Halo saga. But the community asked for something more, something classic that is part of every existing Halo.

The new game mode is Team Snipers, the classic game mode where you only use snipers. This mode has been one of the most requested since we have access to multiplayer, being so, before it was added, we were able to play in Rumble Pit the mode of snipers and shotguns all against all. The difference is that this time it is a single game list to be able to choose and have fun with the way we want.

New game modes for Halo Infinite will keep coming

An open secret is the diversity of game modes that are hidden in the game code. But not only are they hidden, you can see them yourself if you enter custom games and look for the game modes, in this way some players have managed to discover several game modes already prepared for launch such as Infection or Kong Slayer.

It’s clear that 343 is creating quite a bit of content for Halo Infinite, yet it doesn’t look like all of this content will be coming out anytime soon. Hopefully the game will grow little by little and by season 3 it can be considered a complete game.

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