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A UK-based scalper group has managed to acquire an additional 2,000 PlayStation 5 consoles during GAME’s current inventory, all of which are set to be resold at grossly inflated prices.

The supply of next-gen consoles is very limited due to the pandemic. As a result, retailers around the world struggled to meet a fraction of the demand, which drove many people in search of a PS5 to private resellers.

2,000 consoles bought

Some of these resellers are driving up the price of their consoles dramatically, typically charging double, if not triple, their original value. Currently, one of the largest scalper groups in Europe called Carnage has secured over 2,000 PS5 consoles from the warehouse of the British retailer GAME.

As you can see in the tweet below, Carnage says it’s getting easier every time, which means the bot they are using has not yet been blocked by GAME. A lot of people have been waiting for a next-gen console since mid-November and were hoping to finally be able to buy one today, but the Carnage bot has probably bought a large amount of new inventory again.

Success of the scalpers

Many people on Twitter are understandably growing frustrated with this situation. Although they patiently wait for a next-gen console, taking the time to get hold of a next-gen console during each replenishment, bots like the one used by Carnage have bought up a huge amount of supplies and are leaving most people with them empty-handed back.

The only way to get a PS5 between now and the next supply is to pay an exorbitant price to the same scalpers that keep this structure going in the first place.

The tweet below is a screenshot because Carnage has set the profile to private in the meantime:

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